Saturday, January 30, 2010

Store closed today

Let's see...

Bread. Check.
Milk. Check.
Toilet paper. Check.
Cookies. Check.
Snow in Virginia Beach. CHECK, CHECK and CHECK!!!!

Can you believe it?!? Real, live, white, cold SNOW!

Because of the snow, Beach Scrapbooks will be CLOSED TODAY.

(We may or may not be open tomorrow...check here for more details.)

My kids were so giddy this morning, they went outside just before 8:00. I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled...

Colby wanted to shovel the sidewalk for us. Isn't that nice? It's practically covered again, so I'm sure he will be shoveling a few times today. Wonder how many times he'll shovel before he realizes that it's really NOT all that fun :)

Marisa and our dog Reese had fun just running through the snow. It's really the first time either of them have ever seen any snow accumulation. I'm not sure who had more fun!

This ruler shot was taken at around 8 this morning. It's been snowing like crazy since then, so I know it's more by now.

I hope that you'll break out the camera today and snap a few pictures. We'd love to see them. SEND YOUR SNOW PICTURES, along with your name, to ...I'll post them on the blog :)

Enjoy this WHITE, snowy day!

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Cheryl said...

Love the pictures of the Colby and Marissa! Your dog, too! :D Keep sharing, we have 8 inches or more here.