Thursday, January 14, 2010

☼ Who's up next? ☼

Okay, you guys are GOOD! MOST of you were correct with your MICHELLE guesses :) Here she is, pictured below with her adorable family...husband Tom and children Stephanie and Jonathan.

Now...let's move on to one that may be a little harder...are you ready?

Where were you born? San Diego, California
What websites/blogs do you visit daily? Tim Holtz, Beach Scrapbooks
Would you ever or have you ever been bunging jumping? yes, did it at the Del Mar Fair, for a dare!
Would you rather go to Disneyland or Hawaii? Disneyland
What two things scare you? Being alone, getting pregnant
What are two everyday things you could not live without? My Silhouette & coffee
What is your favorite holiday and why? I love Halloween just because of all the decorations and being able to dress up like someone else!

Oooohhhh....think ya know?!? Leave a comment!


Tom said...

it's susan

Narda said...

Well this one is a tuffy...At least we know it isn't Amy or who is the daredevil...I really can't picture Melissa bungy jumping - if you ever do please let me know - this I gotta see! I would take a wild guess and say Tina - but she isn't in the running yet. I think it is Jen or Janice...
OK - my guess is.....drumroll plz

now of course if I'm wrong...I'm gonna try again

Katy Young said...


Lane said...

I think it's. . .Jody!

QTKMST said...

probably Jen.......

Narda said...

OK - OK - I stand corrected...well I almost got it...I didn't think they were in it yet....that was a good one