Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As we start off this New Year (unofficially pronounced twenty-ten by me), we thought we'd have a little fun :)

How well do you know our staff?

This week, we'll be revealing some clues that may or may not surprise you! Here's how we'll play. I'll post the answers to 7 questions that our staff has answered. Then...you leave a comment as to who you think I'm describing. Easy enough? (And, for all you blog lurkers, please - for the love of all good things - PLEASE comment so that I'm not playing this game by myself!!!)

Just to help you along...here is a picture of our fabulous staff taken at our last staff meeting (which was at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning - ugh!). From left to right...Jen, Michelle, Melissa (glasses), Susan (black shirt), Janice (next to Melissa), Jody (white shirt), Amy and Linda (grey shirt).

Who's missing, you ask? Our fabulous instructors...Barry, Elizabeth and Tina. Don't worry though...you'll see pictures of them as we play :) (Yes, this means that they are playing too!)

Okay...READY? Here we go!

Where were you born? the OLD Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA
What did your childhood bedroom look like? Yellow, yellow, yellow!!
What is the worst job you’ve ever had? taking phone orders at Pizza Hut
What was your most memorable birthday? my 32nd because my husband and I spent the day at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk
What was your first car? a brand new silver Saturn SL that I bought myself
Are you an early bird or a night owl? night owl
Did you ever play a musical instrument? the guitar since I was 12

Think you know??? I'll post the answer tomorrow morning :)


Liz Angel said...

My guess is Amy. Ask her if she's "all boxed in"?

Narda said...

Amy - the car gave it away! Which I was so sad to hear is now "crashed"

QTKMST said...

I think it is Amy.

Jana said...

My guess is Amy.

Katy Young said...


Lane said...

I agree, it's AMY!!!!! Also because her sister lives in Newport News!!!!!

scrapcraft said...

Amy...what you wanna do...Amy I could stay with you..for a while maybe longer if I do...