Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Way to go USSNEWCO! You get an A :) And, Narda...well...you get an A for effort!!

The first one, who wishes flat tires on people, is none other than BARRY! (His answers actually made me laugh out loud.) This picture was taken during our staff crop when Barry was creating one of his fabulous Christmas ornaments. His talent is simply ah-mazing! If you've never taken one of his card classes, you should!!

Next up...our very own xylophone player...JANICE! Here she is with her always-helping-around-the-store husband Donny. And, for those who don't know, Janice is my mother...together, we own this crazy little place called Beach Scrapbooks :)

And, last but certainly not least...ME! This is my beautiful family at Busch Garden's Christmas Town last month (freezing our butts off I might add)...my husband Jason and our two kids, Colby and Marisa.

The staff person who wasn't featured here is Elizabeth. (She was visiting her mother out of town and NOT on the computer - what a concept!!) But, we still love her, and she's a great addition to our team :)

So, there ya have it. Personally, I think we have the most fabulous staff around - they are a group of men and women who not only work at a scrapbook store, but have a passion for their hobby and love sharing it with YOU!

Be on the lookout...I'll post CHA pictures tonight or tomorrow morning. We're going out to dinner with Kris from Silhouette tonight...did you see that they just released IRON ON heat transfer material? SWEET! Check it out on their blog.

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!


Narda said...

OMG!!! I can't believe it!!! well this speaks loudly of...."Boy do I need some bonding time with my favorite people!!" The only one I got right was the first one Amy...I still can't believe it!!
This was fun...thanks! I absolutely love you guys!! Beach Scrapbooks is my "find a happy place" spot I go to

Alex Duenkel said...

Can't wait to see you all in less than a month!