Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flat tires, tap dancing and cats with claws

Good Sunday morning from SUNNY California! The rains have finally stopped and the view of the snow covered mountains in the distance is beautiful :) We are off to start the first official day of CHA - VERY exciting! I will tell you that we've seen some great stuff so far...more on that tomorrow morning.

But...let's get right to the staff guesses. Narda, one of these days you are going to get them right!! Maybe today??

The answers are...#1...SUSAN. She and her lovely husband Brent are shown below. (ack! get a room!)

The answer to #2 is...LINDA! Here she is at Christmas with her husband Nick, their son AJ and their little family friend Diego.

Now...on to the LAST day of fun, useless staff trivia. I know, you're sad. But, c'mon people...I've got CHA pictures to show you!!!

Leave me some love (otherwise known as comments) and see if you can get these right. I will give you one clue...ONE person on our staff did not answer the questions...which means they are not on here. I'll let you figure out who that is (and, they have a good excuse which I'll share with you tomorrow). :)

Happy guessing! more Graphic 45 is here!!!

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Be able to wish flat tires on people that drive badly. I have always wanted to sap the car so when they got home, they would have 4 flat ties in their driveway!!!!!
What are your favorite TV shows? Currantly, CHUCK on Monday Nights, Older Show THE PRETENDER
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Australia
Three people, dead or alive, that you would invite over for dinner? Doris Day, Marie Osmond and Alice Faye
What two food items could you eat every single day? Spagetti and Chicken Tenders
When you’re 80, what do you hope to be doing? Be CRANKY (its payback time)!
What is the worst invention you've seen in your lifetime? The Computer

What is your favorite drink? Chocolate Milk
If you could have one sBolduper power, what would it be? to fly
What is your favorite TV show? Psych
What is one thing people don't know about you? I won a singing contest when I was a teenager
What do you want to be doing when you're 80? Breathing...on my own.
Did you ever learn to play any instruments? Piano, clarinet and the xylophone
What two things would you like to learn? To play the violin and tap dance (not necessarily together)


If you could have one super power, what would it be? The power to heal
What website or blog do you visit everyday?
What makes you laugh out loud? When people trip. I laugh especially hard when they fall. Not nice, I know. But funny!
What should you be famous for? Singing. Loudly!
What was the last book you ready? The Shack
What scares you? Cats. Especially the ones with claws.
What are two everyday things you could not live without? My phone and my toothbrush.


ussnewco said...

1. Barry
2. Jen
3. Janice

Lane said...

#1 Janice

#2 Barry

#3 Elizabeth!

Really, 3 SWAGs! And I don't mean curtains!

More About Me? said...

I give up! I don't even know who to pick so I am throwing in the towel but I am showing the love.

Narda said...

Well...I'm just doing great here aren't I...OK...

#1 Janice
#2 Jen
#3 Elizabeth!

I hope at least one is right...

Katy Young said...




ussnewco said...

1. Barry
2. Janice
3. JEn

USNWIFE said...

#1 Janice
#2 Elizabeth
#3 Jen