Thursday, October 16, 2008

QuicKutz Retailer Event

Okay, I was not drinking and videoing. I promise! I know it's a bit shakey, but I was trying to video around all these big heads while laughing hysterically. The QK Retailer Event started today and the first order of business was introducing all the sales reps. They came out wearing cheesy sweaters and sporting moustaches. They sang a song which immediately set the tone of the week. What a super bunch of guys with LOTS of courage! Of course, Kris (our rep extraordinaire) was the best singer out of the group...hmmm...maybe he'll sing for you when he visits our store in December!

And...we've seen the holiday limited gift sets. Woo hoo! Love, love, love it! It's hard to keep a secret, but you know the rules :) However...we are not above bribes.

I promise to upload some pictures from the event tomorrow (perhaps a few butt shots?). And, let me clarify...the picture Melissa used below is NOT the QK guys!

Leave a comment for us and the QuicKutz team...they will undoubtedly be watching this video over and over and over :) You guys rock - we love ya!

Now, be sure to read Melissa's post below - it's time to get out your punch cards!!!


Melissa said...

That was AWESOME!!!!

Amy said...

I'm moving to Utah.... tomorrow!

Debbora said...

are you sure these guys weren't the ones in Melissa's Blog? I think we need close ups.

gigi said...

Grrrr the picture is blurry...grrr I wanna see more of those cutie patooties

jodyb said...

Unbelievable! again, Unbelievable!
no, really.... Unbelievable!

TristanzNina said...

Oooh How fun! Nancy from Portland OR is attending this too! I can't wait to see her next weekend to hear all about this! Enjoy!