Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bring in those Beach Scrapbooks punch cards Thursday, October 16th!

These hunkin' hotties want you to bring your full punch cards in for some hunkin' hot savings. Thursday, October 16th only...choose the deal that works for you:

1 full punch card: 10% off your entire purchase
2 full punch cards: 20% off your entire purchase
3 full punch cards: 30% off one regularly priced in-stock item
4 full punch cards: 40% off one regularly priced in-stock item


Don't forget to scroll down to check out info about Erin's card class (totally cute Christmas cards!) and see Jen's slide show of GORGEOUS Utah (still waiting for photos of the GORGEOUS QK gang, Jen)!


Debbora said...

Melissa needs to be left in charge more often! I love it when the first thing I reach for is my magnifying glass to read her blogs, ( just so I don't miss any small details. ) :) My punch cards and I will see you later!

Beach Scrapbooks said...

Melissa, where DO you find these pictures? Do those guys live in your neighborhood? Were they out just taking a walk one day? I'm moving in with you :)

gigi said...

I need these cuties in my neighborhood too.