Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good morning, Sunshine!

Do I have your attention!?! This steamin' hunk from "Lost" wanted you to know about the new Reminisce lines we received at the store!

I spoke to a few of you the other day and you were working on Halloween photos. Well, we've received the new Scare Tactics and Enchanted Autumn lines as well as the new Frosted line from one of our favorite vendors. I'm so far behind in my scrapbooking that I actually dressed my youngest in his costume from last year and took some photos to use with the new Halloween's that cute!

If you can tear your eyes away from Mr. Hotty, come on in and check out these new lines!


Jen said...

Well, I for one am certainly awake now! Ya gotta love Sawyer :)

But...I have a question for you. I leave you with the blog expecting to see adorable new paper with pumpkins on it, and I find manly eye candy instead? Very interesting!

Have fun and take care of each other while we're gone!

Love you all :) jen

Debbora said...

My favorite blog so far! I'm wondering whats next? I'm starting to get hot flashes! :) I now have more clarity on the type of paper I'm looking for, something adorable... I for one will keep a closer eye out for the new lines ;) great job Melissa!

Anonymous said...

While the cat's away... huh Melissa!
Good job :)