Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bazzill, Butterflies, Butts and Basic Grey!

So much to say and so little energy! We are WIPED out!

Let's begin with Halloween. I'm giving you head's up that practically every Halloween line has purple in it this year. Whatever costume you're thinking about, make sure it has a hint of purple so that it matches your layout :) After all, it's all about the paper - right?!? Of course, there are other papers without purple, but that seems to be the hot color for the spooky season.

Christmas...we've seen all kinds of cute Christmas paper. Lots of classic, lots of modern and lots of in-between.

Die cut papers...LOTS and LOTS of die cut papers this year in practically every theme. Cute, cute, cute!

Birds...still very popular this year. We ordered a few collections with owls and birds. There's even a transparency from Hambly Studios with bird cages on it - cute! I know it's not a bird, but butterflies are also EVERYWHERE!

Basic Grey - EVERY single new paper has been ordered! AND, we got a good order number so we'll get it fast! Be glad there are no pictures of me running to their booth on Friday because that would be a little embarrasing for both me AND you!

Bazzill - WOW! Lots of cool new stuff from Bazzill. First, there are new In-Stitch'z templates: Christmas, flowers, birthday, BIG circles, BIG flowers (in 8x8 templates) and an alphabet! Also: Dotted Swiss paper (think of little embossed dots all over the paper), Just the Edge borders (waves, stars, butterflies, flowers and more), 3 millimeter brads, and new ribbon. favorite...TULLE ribbon! What a great idea for your layouts and cards! Make sure you look at the sample layouts in the slide show. 12 colors of Tulle are comin' your way! Oooohhh...more cool products from Bazzill - acrylic paper (they call it Plastic Paper and it is PERFECT for QuicKutz shapes or acrylic albums!!) and mirrored paper in gold and silver.

Now, on to the butts. We loved reading your comments and emails on the booty-licious pictures from yesterday. And, yes, all work and no play just doesn't work for us!! Now that the 3 QuicKutz guys are world famous thanks to our blog, some of the other QuicKutz men wanted in on the action. They were trying their best to show us their tushes - in fact, they were dropping things on the floor so that they would have to bend over to pick them up. (Seriously Steve, we're SO on to your tricks!) You'll see what I mean in the pictures. I'm thinking we might have enough to do a Men of QK Calendar soon :) Seriously though, those guys are adorable and always make us laugh!

Tomorrow, we've still got a ton of booths to visit and then we're boarding a plane at 9:30 p.m. for our trip back to the beach. Let's hope that tropical storm Cristobal does not force us to be stranded in the O'Hare airport! I'm a little nervous about husband told me that it's supposed to hit the Outer Banks around 8. If we do get stranded, is anyone up for watching my kids on Monday?!?! Pray for clear skies and a smooth flight :)

One of the booths we're visiting tomorrow is EK Success. Sooo...let's put all the Jolee's stickers on sale! For Sunday only, all Jolee's stickers are 30% off! When checking out, mention "EK is OK!" to receive your discount.

Since we won't be home until after midnight tomorrow (we hope!!), there won't be a blog update. Check back on Monday though for more pictures. And, who knows, maybe more booty!

(Congratulations to 'tj' for winning the SEI t-shirt and thanks for your message. Your shirt will be waiting for you after we get back. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a FREE set of 90 mini brads from Bazzill!)


Debbora said...

Everything looks so wonderful! I really like the Ancestry line I can't wait to hold that in my hands. Hope your last day is funfilled and have a safe trip back. Always open to baby sit, Looks like i'm gonna need some spend'n money. :)

kitteykaty said...

Love the new stuff in all the pix! Love the Quickutz guys and their cute bootylicous pix! ;) Can't wait til we get to see it all in person.

retta said...

I don't know how you did it. With the cute guys, cute booty, and all that paper and products to see and then the special displays (booty shows) that were put on for you. You know, it's a tough job but someone had to be there to do it for us. I bet all the quickutz guys want to visit us now! I am on overload with all the great things you have seen. I can't wait to see and of course buy all of it. Gotta go take more pictures. Safe travels!

MichelleA said...

Love the new product you are getting. Looks like another great day. Can't wait for all the goodies to arrive. Thanks for all you guys do to get us the best products as if it wasn't for you we couldn't have the awesome laysouts that we have. Thanks for all you do to get nothing but the best for you customers. Have a safe flight home and we will see you soon. Thanks again. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!

Sharon B said...

I can't decide what looks better all the new paper or the butts. Yes I do PAPER!!! The new products look spectacular. As usual you ladies did a great job. God speed and safe flight.

Kris & Amy Morris said...

Puttin' out the "vibe" is a normal everyday activity at the Morris household! I GET to see that kind of booty-licious comedy EVERY single day from him! Yay for me!! ;) I'm so sad I couldn't be there at CHA! Everything looks sooooo amazing! Plus I feel like I know you Jen and I haven't even met you! ha ha! Your store is gonna be awesome with all the new stuff your getting! Espeically the QK stuff! ;)
Amy Morris

mom2deacon said...

I have loved reading your blogs the last few days. It is the first thing I check on my computer. The photos are great and I actually dug out some old cloud 9 paper and scrapped one of the photos. Good luck getting home and I can't wait till the new stuff comes in.

Chris said...

Pick me, pick me, pick me!! ;-) Have a safe flight!

TheHudsonFamily said...

I love the Navy paper - finally some submarines!!
Great job on all your beautiful slideshows of pictures. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of the fun!
April Hudson