Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Thoughts


Every now and then, I just have 'stuff' to tell you. Nothing that really requires a whole blog post for itself, but rather just a few lines. Some of it comes from questions that we frequently get asked, others are about upcoming events. are some random thoughts... (grab your coffee, it's a long one!)

* the Glimmer Mist Chalkboard collection...not as 'glimmery' as the regular Glimmer Mist, but provides better coverage on items such as chipboard. Comes in some very cool, fun colors. I heard a little rumor that it's on backorder for @ two if you want it...scoop it up now b/c you won't see it again for a while.

*QuicKutz Limited Edition Gift Set - currently on its way to Utah. QuicKutz is estimating that it will be in stores by mid-July. If you'd like to pre-order it, there's still time. See more info here. Also, the next release will be in July...and, it's a really GOOD one!!!

*Speaking of QuicKutz, our super duper Buy One, Get One Free sale ends Sunday. can get ANY free die with the purchase of another. So...say you want to buy a border die and get a 4x4 as your free die. Its' all good! Click here for more details.

*Our graduation section is looking a little rough as we've had a huge rush for graduation themed items over the past two weeks. We have Class of 2010 paper in a variety of colors as well as custom papers for several of the high schools. We've also prepared an album that includes a layout for year of school, all the way up to graduation. It's already DONE - glued together AND put in an album for you. All you have to do is add the pictures! This would also be good for your non-scrapbooking friends who secretly desire to have a scrapbook as pretty as yours :) Share the love and let them know! Get more info here.

*We have two sessions for Kid's Camp this year. Tina is teaching one on June 28th (click here) and Melissa will be teaching a 3-day camp July 19 - 21. Registrations are now open for both.

*Did you know that our Bazzill cardstock is 9 cents cheaper PER SHEET than Michaels? Just had to throw that out there...

*We've got some exciting things planned for you this summer, including Military Mondays (crop for free AND get a disount with your ID!), Teacher Tuesdays (same deal, different ID of course!), Wacky Wednesdays, Senior Savings Days, Blog buffoonery and a whole lot more! Stay tuned for details coming in the next few days.

*Coming the weekend of September 11th...our very first Consignment Sale. We are in the midst of finalizing the details and will get the info out very soon! Basically, we are giving you the opportunity to sell YOUR stuff at our store. You'll price your products...bring them to the store...we'll have it available for sale to the general public for 3 days (you won't need to be there)...then give you a Beach Scrapbooks gift card for the entire amount minus a small administrative fee. This will allow you to sell some of your unwanted items and upgrade your scrapbook stash! Use your summer to start going through your stuff (you'll need this time...I know how much STUFF some of you have!!!). Again, more details will be coming soon.

Have a great day and, as always, thanks for supporting our local scrapbook store!

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