Friday, May 14, 2010

Now Available for Pre-order!

This one's for all you card lovers out there...introducing the all new LIMITED EDITION Special Delivery Gift Set!

Isn't the packaging cute?!? It would also make a great gift!

This is the alphabet, obviously called Special Delivery. It's a mini alphabet and measures about 1" tall. It comes on three bars, which are easy to use and store. This is a NEW alphabet format, so let QuicKutz know if you like it. And, don't fret...there IS an "I" in the set, even though it's not pictured here!

These are the actual card shapes. The dies cut the entire card out, leaving a scored line where you fold it. It's THAT simple. These cards easily fit into A2-sized envelopes. (It's so easy that your kids or grandkids could make their OWN cards for their friends and family!)

Use these corresponding card mats and borders to add dimension and character to your cards. They also work great with scrapbook pages.

Also included in this gift set are mini cards, measuring about 2"x2". These make great gift tags or notes.

Use these tabs with any size card (regular or mini). See the picture at the very top for an example. These also work well with scrapbooking.

Once you've cut your card out, add a few embellishments using these dies.

Now, here is where it gets FUN! These are new concept dies for QuicKutz, and they'd love to hear your thoughts on them! Exclusive to the Special Delivery gift set, these stitching dies cut miniature holes into your paper as a pattern for stitching thread, string or twine. Add a flower or bird shape to complete your look. (Again, see the sample at the top.)

Here's a little how-to guide for the stitching dies - you may need to click on it to enlarge.

So, there ya have it! Do you love it? If so, pre-order yours today for only $89.99! It includes EVERYTHING shown here...29 die cutting shapes!

(If you're in our QuicKutz club, you get a 20% discount. Not sure what our Quickutz Club is all about? Ask an associate for details...they would be glad to sign you up!)


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