Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

What?!?! You haven't done anything for your child's teacher yet? Get on the's Teacher Appreciation Week!

I'm pretty sure there is NO gift on God's green Earth that says "Thank you for dealing with my child for 6 1/2 hours every day." However, a simple gift or thank you note is sure to bring a smile to your teacher's face :) And, I'm not a teacher nor do I play one on TV, but I'm pretty sure that teachers have enough candles and body lotion to last them a life time. Just sayin'...

Here's one fun thing that my kids did for their teachers today. Colby designed (I typed, he directed) these t-shirts for him and his sister to wear to school today. (Nothing quite says 'you're the best' like a t-shirt with a guy bashing his guitar.) And, since both kids have multiple teachers (art, music, etc...), he decided that the t-shirt should include ALL of his teachers.

So I present to you...the "NLES Teachers Rock!" shirts designed by Colby using the much loved Silhouette.

And, how could I not show you this cute note written by my daughter?!? LOVE that girl! (Just FYI, she didn't forget her teacher's name...I just erased it for security reasons.)

So, there you have it! These shirts are sure to earn some brownie points with their teachers :)

If you have any questions on HOW to use the Heat Transfer material in the Silhouette, just shoot me an email at and I'd be glad to help. In addition, I'd love to see what designs YOU have made. Email me those, too!

And, let's not forget our teachers...THANK YOU for all you do!!!