Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silhouette heat transfer tips AND a give away!

Hello. My name is Jen and I'm addicted to the new Heat Transfer Material.

Grab your coffee, because this post is a long one. BUT, there's a sweet suprise at the end if you can hang in long enough to read it!

Yes, it's true. I spent a wild and crazy Friday night designing shirts for me and my daughter. I know. I'm a rebel.

I made this one for me, using the flocked white heat transfer material and the rhinestones. I had a green shirt that I had intended to bling up for Christmas, but never got around to it. (Boy, if I had a nickel for all my good intentions...) So...I 'bout for St. Patty's Day!

Now, just a couple words about the FLOCKED versus SMOOTH heat transfer material. I was asked several times yesterday...which one is easier to apply? The real answer is that they are BOTH very easy. But...the flocked is a little easier to "weed" (this is the process of removing all the unwanted parts with your Hook tool). It's just not as sticky as the smooth. But, that's not to say the smooth is hard to weed...I'm just saying the flocked is a wee bit easier. Either way though, the Hook Tool is an absolute MUST.

As for the cloth that you use (to put between the heat transfer and the iron), it's best to use a THIN a sheet or thin cloth napkin.

I also noticed that after you iron-on your design (this applies for both the flocked AND the smooth), it's best to let it cool for several seconds BEFORE removing the heat transfer plastic piece thingy. If you're really anxious and cannot wait those several seconds, try blowing on it as you peel it off...this will help it cool.

Here's another shirt using the smooth heat transfer material...I made this one for my daughter as she is getting ready to celebrate a birthday this week. Her criteria for her shirt was as follows: blue heat transfer (this was to protest the girly pink shirt), a fuzzy bunny (translation: white FLOCKED heat transfer) and a little bit of bling (but not too much because then it would be TOO girly). After I ironed on the Birthday Girl image, I simply added the Silhouette rhinestones and ironed them directly on top of the heat transfer material...worked great!

And now...a little piece of info about the Silhouette. If you are currently on an unlimited subscription plan and your deadline is approaching...listen up! Your plan will expire DURING the day. My expiration date was March 2nd. I thought I would have up until midnight to download images, but I was wrong. It expired sometime between me clicking the ADD TO CART and CHECKOUT buttons. advice to you is this...if you want to download any images in the online store, do it BEFORE your expiration date. That way, you won't have to place an angry call to the nice guys at Silhouette :)

And, last, to help make your day a little brighter and congratulate you for reading this entire post... here's a SWEET give away...

We know there's competition out there. That's why we APPRECIATE our customers and try to give BACK whenever possible!

If you own a Silhouette and purchased it from US, then give us a call or send us an email.

We've got $25 DOWNLOAD CARDS to give away!

And, we're giving away 5 of them!!

It doesn't matter if you bought the original Silhouette or the SD. Nor does it matter if you bought it 2 years ago or 2 days ago. As long as you bought it from Beach Scrapbooks, you're eligible. It's our way of saying THANK YOU!

Yep, it's that easy.

Deadline for entry is Sunday, March 14th. Winners will be confirmed in our database and notified on Monday, March 15th.

Have a GREAT Sunday!

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