Friday, March 26, 2010

a few new Tim Holtz goodies...

Here is a SAMPLE of the Tim Holtz products we received yesterday :) (As always, click to enlarge.)
Keys and Keyholes!

The new 6x12 grungepaper is IN...the 12x12 is on backorder (sorry!). When it arrives, we'll let you know.

Ooooh...grungeboard letters in the perfect SMALLER size. Great for layouts AND cards.

Little feet for your altered projects...perfect for the four corners of a box!

What time is it?!? Time to get a clock! (as lame as it is, my kids love that joke)

CUTE little charms...

Funny story about this one...I was entering these in our computer system. Well, it only gives you a certain about of space for the description. I wanted to put in "Accoutrements Buttons" but it would only let me enter "Accoutrements Butt". It's the silly things in life that make me laugh sometimes :) I will say, though, these Accoutrements (Butts) look much better in person than they do on this computer screen.


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