Tuesday, February 23, 2010

QuickBuckz are BACK!

How would you like to get QuicKutz products for 50% off?!?

QuicKutz has put together a HUGE promotion that starts TODAY!

Here's how to EARN your QuickBuckz*:
Between now and March 1st, EARN a $10 QuickBuckz for every $20 you spend on QuicKutz products.

Spend $20, earn one QuickBuckz ($10)
Spend $40, earn two QuickBuckz ($20)

Here's how to REDEEM your QuickBuckz*:
Between March 13th and March 19th, redeem your QuickBuckz with every $20 purchase of QuicKutz products.

Spend $20, redeem one QuickBuckz ($10)
Spend $40, redeem two QuickBuckz ($20)

The Fine Print:
*QuicKutz Club discount applies when EARNING QuickBuckz but not when REDEEMING Quickbuckz.
*No other coupons or discounts apply.
*QuickBuckz will be earned on pre-tax purchases.
*QuickBuckz must be stapled to the original receipt in order to redeem.
*QuickBuckz will be earned from a single receipt. Receipts cannot be combined.
*QuickBuckz will only be earned and redeemed during the above outlined time frame. No exceptions.
*Punchcards on purchases where QuickBuckz are earned or redeemed will not be 'punched'.
*Previously purchased items, exclusive dies and special orders are not eligible. Valid on in-stock QUICKUTZ items only.

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