Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hump day story time :)

First, let me wish you all a very happy HUMP day! Today's kits were designed by the lovely Miss Linda! Still only $5, while supplies last.

Second, I want to share a fun story with you. As you know, Fridays are our big crop 'til ya drop days. We're open until midnight, and we have a fabulous group of women (and the occasional man - here's a shout out to Dave!) who come and crop. Well, it's not JUST a crop. It's a social day...a day to get caught up on how everyone's doing...find out how everyone faired during the big snow storm...hear about kids and grandkids...enjoy lunch BE MERRY!

Well, last Friday, our store was a little different. A little, um, BRIGHTER. Someone brought in this lovely toilet hugging BRIGHT YELLOW rug and mysteriously placed it in our bathroom.

Who was it?!?! Most of the staff was there that day, and we kept whispering to each other..."ohmygosh, WHO brought THAT in here?!?!" We were speculating and eyeing everyone up. We didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by immediately grabbing it and flinging it out the back door (although we came close).

So...we kept asking customers...did YOU bring it in? Croppers were asking each other. STAFF was asking each other. NOBODY was fessin' up!

We talked about it ALL day long. Still no answers.

So...the next morning we had a staff meeting (which was previously planned and NOT a result of the rug!). We figured out who the culprit was and hatched this plan to play it up on the blog as if we really, really LIKED it.

BUT...the suspect wound up calling in and confessing her sins :)

THIS is exactly what we love about our customers...they are FUN!

April...we love ya...thanks for BRIGHTENING up our day!

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mollybnvb said...

Oh My Goodness. She was totally going along with not knowing last friday. April April April. too funny and thanks for bringing some fun and mystery in our lives.