Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NEW Flower Soft

First...how many of you have the Polar White Flower Soft? It's PERFECT for all those snow layouts! If you don't have any of the white in your stash, today's your lucky day as we just received a whole new batch :)

New to our Flower Soft collection are "Toppers". They are preprinted designs that you embellish with the Flower Soft. Then, you simply add the Toppers to the front of a card and VOILA!...your friends will think you are simply amazing :) Little will they know that it is sooo incredibly easy! These cards are perfect for Spring and Easter. (And...speaking of Spring...who wants to smack that little ground hog on the head?!?!)

Another product that is also brand spankin' new...ULTRA FINE Flower Soft! These are much finer than the original Flower Soft which means it will give realistic dimension on much SMALLER images. It's great for adding realistic fur, texture and dimension to all of your detailed papercraft projects. (While we were at CHA, all the stampers were going crazy over this stuff!)

The new Ultra Fine comes in 8 different colors and uses the same glue as the original Flower Soft.

I know it's a little blurry, but I hope you can see the Ultra Fine on these teddy bears. I used the Toffee and Sand colors so you could tell them apart. (Remember...click on any image to enlarge...this will make it easier to see the detail.)

It's in stock now...enjoy!

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