Friday, July 31, 2009


Arrrrg. (Pirate talk) I've been a slacker while Jen and Janice have been out of town. After my 3 weeks of zero computers, tv and phones, I've become electronically challenged. A customer just told me that she was having "blog withdrawal". So, let's see...what can I talk about?? We have a full crop room right now (Friday evening) and it looks like a storm is a-brewing. Maybe you should hop in the car and ride out the storm here at the store! I've restocked Star Wars (I AM YOUR FAAAA-THER) and the new Quickutz release is slim (we only have two Central Park fonts remaining at the low price of $59.99...come get one before they're gone!).

Anyhoo...Jen and Janice return tomorrow and I'm sure they will have lots of exciting news, photos and product to share with us. And....Jen will get back to her awesome, mind-blowing blog entries!

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