Thursday, July 2, 2009

Epic Six video

Grab a drink, sit back and check out the new Epic Six tool in action! Plus, get a sneak peek at the QuicKutz offices in Utah.

This video was taken by a retailer in Washington...thanks for sharing!

For those who have NOT pre-order the Epic Six, today's your lucky day! QuicKutz has extended the deadline for their pre-order special.

Regular price - $89.99
Pre-order sale price - $69.99
Pre-order sale price for QK Club members - $59.99


Loretta Cooper said...

Will it really take four hands to operate? It looks great but it took pushing, pulling and stabelizing ... 2 people to make it work!

Beach Scrapbooks said...

Actually, it's pretty easy! Remember, you are seeing a prototype on screen so it's a little different from the real deal. We received our demo tool today and had absolutely no problems with it! It cuts really nice...perhaps even a little better than the Revolution :)