Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bazzill App Now Available

NEW! Bazzill iPhone App
$9.99 (unlimited use)

The new Bazzill iPhone app puts more than 500 Bazzill cardstock colors at your finger tips! Whether you are on-the-go shopping at your favorite scrapbook store, cropping with friends, or working on a project at home, this Bazzill app will be your new best friend. Use the color matching feature to pull Bazzill cardstock color suggestions from any photo you plan to scrapbook. Find important Bazzill cardstock information like part numbers, cardstock textures, and color names. When printing invitations or scrapbook page titles, you can refer to the Bazzill app for the closest color matches in RGB and CYMK code.

The Bazzill app will help you find time to scrapbook your family's memories, give you endless design options, and bring Bazzill color to all your paper crafting projects.

Can be used with iPhone®, iTouch®, and iPad® products. Visit iTunes to download this app today!

● Browse more than 500 Bazzill cardstock colors alphabetically by name.
● Browse more than 500 Bazzill cardstock colors visually by color family.
● Browse more than 500 Bazzill cardstock colors grouped by texture.
● Easy access to RGB and CMYK values for all cardstock colors.
● Find the perfect Bazzill cardstock match for your photographs.
● Create and save color palettes from colors picked from the elements in your photos. Save it to use again and again.
● Create the perfect color palette with monochromatic, complementary, triadic, analogous and split-complementary color combinations for all Bazzill cardstock colors.

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