Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a note... say hello, congrats, you're invited, happy birthday or whatever your heart desires! Yes, coming in at #8 is an all new STATIONERY LINE!

Included in this do-it-yourself custom stationery line are the following, in small and large sizes:
-Scalloped circles
-Scalloped squares
-Scalloped rectangles
-8 1/2 x 11 paper
-Envelopes to fit all sizes

There are a few fun features about this line:
*YOU pick what you want...mix & match them, stack them, embellish them
*pre-made templates are provided online (in MS Word format) so that you can run them through your at-home printer
*the papers come in several festive colors, with a metallic finish
*all the papers can be used in your scrapbook (who doesn't love a scalloped circle?!?)

Coming VERY soon!

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