Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And coming in at #10... not one product, but several! We found lots of EMBELLISHMENTS that we simply couldn't live without. We'll highlight a few here...

One company that has tons of fabulous finds is Prima. Lots of flowers, pearls and bling are coming your way!

Who doesn't love BUTTONS?!? We have a big jar on our counter that now houses nearly 10,000 buttons in all different colors and sizes. Go head, take the top off and stick your hand in there. The best part? Each button is only 10 cents!

Another fabulous find is the new QuicKutz Vinyl. New colors include cream and silver (perfect for Christmas). But, the really sweet new vinyl is FUZZY! It comes in black, white and brown. Look in our QuicKutz section for a card with the cutest little fuzzy brown and white teddy bear! And, we're anxious to see what kind of Halloween creations you can make with the black fuzzy vinyl. In-stock now and just right for fuzzy black bats!

How about a little smooch?!? Hey now, not that kind of smooch! Smooch inks come in these sleek nail polish look alike containers and are available in several colors. Simply use the foam tip applicator to brush the color on whatever surface you desire...paper, cardstock, clay, glass and fabric. It's completely acid free and archival safe.
(Please note that we have already sold out of our first order of Smooch...well, almost...there are 3 bottles left. But...don't fret...we have reordered a second round!)

Mud Puddles is a new concept to scrapbooking and card making. It looks and feels JUST like SAND (and it's acid free and archival safe)! Simply add the color sand that you want and let it dry overnight. It's totally flexible after it dries and will not crumble or fall off your project. Seriously, you'll be amazed at how much it looks like real sand! Coming soon...

Dew Drops are another sweet find. They are lightly colored jewels that add dimension to your scrapbook pages and cards. They look great when highlighting subjects such as flowers, autumn leaves and water. Click here to check out their blog for some sample ideas.

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