Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm back!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Have you missed me? I'm sorry I've MIA over the past few days. The weather this weekend was un-freaking-believable! So warm and toasty :) We spent most of our waking moments outside soaking up the fresh air. Then, on Monday, my son came down with what we thought was strep throat. After many tears and a late night visit to the ER, we were told it was a virus. Ugh. Tuesday was spent at home with a very clingy child (which was actually nice because those moments are becoming less frequent as he gets older!).

In between warm weather and a sick son, my daughter was on cloud 9 after losing TWO teeth over the weekend! The tooth fairy is going to need a loan soon as she has 4 other loose ones!

Anyway...I digress :)

I've attached a sample of new product in the slide show. Really though, come in and check it out. Feel it. Touch it. You'll love it!

One more thing...come check out the class samples on the class wall. We've got some cool things going on this month.

I'm in the store today, cropping and blogging. And Jody's hump day layout is cute, cute, cute!

Come say hi!

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