Thursday, April 10, 2008

Show Your Stuff!!

How much time do you spend on a layout, only to put it away in an album to be seen by a select few? Why not put it in a frame for everyone to see before you give it a home in that album?!
These frames from Preserve-It Frames are perfect for displaying your 12x12 or 8x8 layouts. Each frames includes a natural wood frame, UV acrylic cube, acid free mat board, acid free backing board and a fitting kit.
Here's why we think these frames are so great:
1. The UV covering will prevent the sun from fading your layouts.
2. The frames come with a mat that really gives them a professional look.
3. The frames are natural wood, allowing you to paint them whatever color matches your walls!
4. There are no "cheap" metal pieces on the back that you have to bend every time to put your layout in. They are very sturdy, allowing you to change your layout regulary without breaking or getting weak.
Take pride in your work and show it off!!

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