Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cosmo Cricket, anyone??

Okay, the sun has GOT to come out at some point. It's just been a series of one bad hair day after another!

Cosmo Cricket might brighten your day :) Two new collections are gracing our shelves...Be Happy and Fleuriste. Plus, they've introduced BLACK chipboard albums! This is a brilliant idea because you don't have to cover the whole board if you don't want. Leave it black, embellish it, paint it, whatever! No more plain jane chipboard :)

And.....Glimmer Mist is back in stock (including all the new, limited edition colors!). If you haven't heard about Glimmer Mist, it's a spray that comes in some really cool colors. When you're in the store, grab a bottle and shake it. No doubt, you will say, "ooohhhh!" You can spray it on paper for a really neat glimmer sheen. It also works great on chipboard, wood, fabric (add a shine to those ribbons!), grungeboard, paper flowers and even stickers. Don't be shy to ask for a demo!

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