Thursday, February 28, 2008

We love our UPS and FedEx men!

Okay ladies (and any gents who are reading)...we have received over 40 boxes of NEW product this week! On Monday, UPS delivered 21 boxes - it was so much that our man in brown pulled the UPS truck right up to our back door! I'm talking within inches...I really thought he was going to hit the building, or even worse, Susan! "Please don't hit Susan," I yelled as I leapt in front of her. "I need her programming skills to update the website!!" (okay, a bit of an inside joke, but Susan admits that she is the most computer illiterate person in the world.) Anyway, I digress...

Then, within minutes of the UPS guy leaving, the FedEx man cometh. See the picture of my daughter here? Yes, those are boxes stacked way taller than she stands! And, this picture was taken before the FedEx man came.

So, basically, I am writing this blog from the store as I cannot climb out of the wall of boxes that have been built around me. The chair reclines ever so slightly, so I was able to catch a few minutes of sleep last night.

I'm getting a little hungry for breakfast now though. If anyone would like to bring me some Special K with strawberries and some milk, I would love you forever.


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Amanda R. said...

Yippy new product! It's a beautiful day!!!