Friday, March 30, 2012

Wavesearcher by Fancy Pants

 This new collection by Fancy Pants is perfect for a sunny reminds me that it's almost summer, and it's certainly 5 o'clock somewhere!  WAVESEARCHER has a nice, warm color pattern and beautiful summer graphics including wave patterns, tikis, palm trees and the summer sun. 

(click on images to enlarge)

Stickers include border stickers, parentheses, corners, tikis, stars, arrows, tabs and more.

These chipboard pieces will look great and add dimension to any layout or project.  (The tiki guys are very *cool*!)

For those who like the whole collection...we have it packaged in a easy to-go collection kit.

So...let's talk for a second about the Fancy Pants Brag Books.  The Brag Books are sorta/kinda like the SMASH Books, but without all the whimsical graphics.  And, they are a whole lot bigger (way more BANG for your buck).  Let's start with the basics.

Brag Books are sort of like a traveling scrapbook.  They were designed with the busiest of scrapbookers in mind.  With a customizable cover, 50 scrapbook/journaling pages, 15 2-slot photo protectors (holds up to 60 4x6 photos) and 15 pocket folder pages for storing your favorite can't go wrong!  Brag Books are sold in three different color "spine" options (they are really just edges, like the brown you see below, since the spine is a spiral)...your choice of brown, red/maroon or black.  

Now...let's add a twist...with the WAVESEARCHER and SUMMER SOUL (not shown here, but check back soon!) collections, there is a Brag Book Combo Kit.  Look above for an means that in addition to the Brag Book, you also get 1 Tab/Element Sticker, 1 Alphabet Sticker, 1 Front Cover, 1 Back Cover, 10 Designer Cards and 12 Brag Book papers for a jump start in designing with the Brag Book.  

What a perfect way to document your ENTIRE summer!

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