Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Authentique Collections

I'm pleased to introduce you to Authentique's three newest collections...Celebrate, Genuine and Loyal.  First up is Celebrate.  It has a party theme complete with a page full of cupcakes.  It might be hard to see here (click on the image to enlarge)...it's on the back of the diagonal stripe.  Super cute!  

Here's Genuine in a different view.  The paper with the butterflies on it (not shown here) is my absolute favorite!  So pretty!

Loyal is the newest collection.  In fact, most stores don't even have it yet as it's a March release.  (Lucky us!)  The blues and greens are a great combo.  It's GREAT for boys if you haven't already figured that out :)

And...check this out...this is Authentique's new Elements sticker page.  It's all on the same sheet...a set of words and two small alphabets.  The sample shown here is part of the Celebrate collection, but each collection will have their own matching Elements sheet.  

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