Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New HoneyPOP paper and stamps!

Introducing the new HoneyPOP papers and stamps!

Bring your camera because you can take pictures of these super cute samples...

 sure to check out the new RAINBOW HoneyPOP paper. It looks like a solid pink or red when you first see it, but the packaging is rainbow so that you can tell it apart from the others. Scroll down to see some samples of it.

If you're not sure what HoneyPOP paper is all about, watch this video - it gives a lot of good details about using the paper with the stamps. Keep in mind that it's an old video and the stamp sets that they are talking about are NOT new. If they look familiar to you, it's because we've had them before. If you like any that you see, let us know and we would be happy to order them for you.

The new stamp sets for this month include...

Here are a few samples for you to enjoy...come visit us and see ALL the samples :) Seriously...these cards are super easy and ADORABLE!

See the clouds in the sample above? It was made using this cloud stencil...just use it along with a sponge and some blue ink. Instant clouds!


dlpiccioli3 said...
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dlpiccioli3 said...

I love the stamp sets. Will they be available for purchase on line or sold in your store?

Thank you! Donna P

Beach Scrapbooks said...

Sorry, we do not have an online store. We'd be glad to mail them to you...just call the store at 757-563-9009. Thanks!