Friday, September 2, 2011

December 25th (are you counting down the days?!?)

Only 113 days 'til Christmas! Hey...don't shoot the messenger :) Check out this new collection, appropriately titled December 25th, by Kaiser (our Aussie friends).

I know the paper images are a bit small, but hopefully you get the jist. (click on the image to enlarge) The holly paper is beautiful and always in high demand!

Here's something fun for you. Made out of wood, these storage boxes are perfect for Christmas or any other time of the year. Paint 'em, Mod Podge 'em, cover 'em in paper...WHATEVER works! First up is the 12 drawer storage box.

Kaiser printed this paper (part of the December 25th collection) so that the squares are a perfect fit on the 12 drawer storage box. (I love things like this that require less brain power!)

Here are a few other examples of the 12 drawer storage boxes...two are decorated for Christmas and the other has a sewing theme.

In addition to the 12 drawer storage box, Kaiser also introduced the 25 drawer storage box. It's perfect for Christmas Advent Calendars or storing small items like scrapbooking embellishments, hair accessories, sewing supplies, office supplies, etc. The possibilities are endless!

And...just like the paper made especially for the 12 drawers, Kaiser also printed paper with squares that fit the 25 drawers. Love it!

Here's an example of the finished 25 drawer storage box using the Hunt and Gather collection (which we also have in-stock).

Happy crafting!

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By chance do you have the 12-drawer one available? I'm going to be in the area next week and want to drop by if you do have it. Thanks! Lea (