Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make Your Own Flowers

From scrapbook pages to cards to altered items, flowers are probably the single most used embellishment. We discovered a punch system that allows you to make your own flowers with a few easy steps.

There are a variety of flowers you can make and each one comes with a full color instruction sheet.

Each flower is made using a series of punches. Each punch, however, is used to make multiple flowers. For example, the punches used for the Sunflower can also be used to make the Poinsettia. (Below is a picture of the punches before they made their way on to the empty slat wall in the background.)

The concept is easy. Punch, shape and assemble. First, you punch out the required shapes (the instruction form tells you exactly how many pieces you'll need). For these flowers, thinner paper - as opposed to the heavier cardstock - is recommended as it's easier to manipulate.

Then, you "shape" the petals by using the craft mat and tools in the tool kit. Using the stylus (with a ball tip on the end), you gently "roll" it in a circular motion which causes the paper petal to curl...thus, giving it some dimension.

Next, you use the tweezers to pinch and bend back the edges of the petals. Again, this is all spelled out, step-by-step, in the instruction sheet. Instruction sheets are free with purchase as well as on the McGill website. This is what it looks like after you've shaped all the petals. Next step...glue it together. Again, the instructions guide you each step of the way.

While sitting in the crop room yesterday, Anna made this beautiful poinsettia the very first time she used the punches. And...everyone who came in to visit oohed and aahhhed over it :)

Here's a video that shows you how to make the Rose. I promise that it will be the most riveting 6 minutes and 48 seconds of your day. Well, maybe I shouldn't promise . will show you just how easy it is to make such stunning flower embellishments :)

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