Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

REMINDER: We will be closing an hour early this SUNDAY (tomorrow) only - store hours will be from 12:00 to 4:00.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Beach Scrapbooks gave to me...12 new ornaments! (And, coupons...don't forget the coupons found on the right side of this page!)

Nesting Label CC-SHAPE 6-027
Gingerbread KS-0983
Paper Doll alphabet

Present REV-0065
Pirate skull KS-0780
Candy Cane RS-0982
Elf Hat KS-0384
Square Heritage Die Set
Lemonade alphabet
Santa’s Workshop alphabet

Present KS-0981
Tree REV-0253

Cookies REV-0135

Nesting Circles CC-CIRCLES-01
Gingerbread KS-0210
Jolly gift set
Holly RS-0203

Castle REV-0113
Tree – Jolly gift set
Snowman KS-0213
Record RS-0710
Garland KS-0588

Holiday Shapes CC-SHAPE-02
Popcorn RS-0343
Candy Cane RS-0982

Nesting Circles CC-CIRCLES-01
Holiday Shapes CC-SHAPE-02
Sunshine alphabet
Castle REV-0113

Cupcake REV-0160
Nesting Flowers CC-FLOWERS-01

Exclusive Crafter’s Home Frame REV-0148
Wave – Relax gift set
Beach Shapes CC-SHAPE-12

Peppermint KS-0581
Journal Square KS-0962

Mug KS-0592
Journal circle KS-0961

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scrapcraft said...

did Susan do o snap? I love that one!!!