Thursday, October 29, 2009

You had to be a BIG SHOT, didn't ya...

Have you seen this little sucker?!? It's called the Big Shot Express by Sizzix, and it's ELECTRIC! A die cutting machine that cuts dies with the push of a single button...woo hoo!

We've had so many women tell us that they physically CAN'T crank the Epic or a Revolution because of arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.'s the answer! Simply put the die/dies in, push the button and the rest is history.

The best part of cuts all Sizzix size dies AND QuicKutz dies!!

We've sold out of our first shipment already but are getting ready to place a re-order. If you'd like to see this baby in action, come by and we'd be glad to demo it for you!

We have a few of the regular Big Shot machines in-stock as well (it looks the same as the one pictured here but has a crank tool instead of a plug).

P.S. The Big Shot Express would make a GREAT Christmas present!

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