Thursday, September 10, 2009

BRAS for the CAUSE!

As part of our fundraising efforts for Scrap Pink (and Susan G. Komen), I'd like to introduce our BRAS for the CAUSE campaign.

Decorate a cool corset, a bedecked bandeau or a bedazzled brassiere!

Submit your gussied-up garment by September 23rd for a chance to win a Bo-Bunny Couture Limited Edition Handbag!*

To help inspire you, our staff each decorated a bra and they are hanging in our windows. Come check 'em out!!

Each vote is only 25¢ and will be cast by customers from September 26 - October 10.

Your small change can help make one BIG change!

*Please submit your undergarment on a hanger along with a 3x5 card stating your name, bra title and phone number.


Alex Duenkel said...

Okay... so I bought a bra today to send in my creation... What a great idea! Anything goes, right?

Beach Scrapbooks said...

Yep...ANYthing goes! Have fun :)