Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pat and the Revolution


Take our advice... SECURE your Revolution before transporting it!! Here's why...

This past Friday, Pat (one of our favorite croppers!) had a wee bit of an accident.

She was leaving the store with scrapbook stuff in tow. Her Revolution was placed on the top of her tote, and the tote was placed on top of her "suitcase" (large black rolling tote). Her suitcase wheel hit a rock and made her Revolution fall out of the tote. Unfortunately, it hit her in the back of the ankle and sliced her Achilles tendon. (oooouch!)

Can you imagine the scene? Blood everywhere...Melissa nursing the wound before the EMTs arrived...the rescue squad...the firetruck...Pat laying on the sidewalk and feeling flashing lights...Kathy laying next to her...what a sight!! But, THANK GOD, our ladies are dedicated scrapbookers who carry CAMERAS! Woo hoo!

Pat, we all hope you are doing well and that you DON'T need the surgery! If you come in this Friday, you are FORBIDDEN from carrying your own supplies:)

And, for everyone else, please secure your Revolution!

{shameless plug: this is yet ANOTHER reason why you should pre-order the Epic Six...there are NO sharp edges!!}

Get well soon Pat - we love ya!

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scrapcraft said...

Poor Pat, at least you have a great story to tell now.