Sunday, February 8, 2009

So VERY exciting!

So...I'm a bit tired this morning. Why, you ask? Because I was up late playing with the new Silhouette SD software!!! That's right...QuicKutz hasn't officially announced it yet, but the download link is on their website. OH HAPPY DAY!! The one touch welding and the shadow feature are amazing. I was wasting paper last night like a crazy woman - cutting out words and shapes for absolutely no reason at all, except to play. I was totally in my happy place :)

Here's the scoop though...the download takes a while. My suggestion would be to start it at night before you go to bed. I downloaded it on Friday night, and it took 3 hours and 5 minutes. Keep in mind, my laptop is a bit old so it might be slower than yours. Second, install the software on a week day. I had a driver issue. Thankfully, my husband was able to fix it for me. But...if I didn't have a computer genius husband, I would need QuicKutz support - and they are obviously not there on the weekend. If anything goes wrong or doesn't work properly, PLEASE give them a call. Brian and Derrick at QK are the best support guys ever. (Tell them I said that if you call!!)
Edited>>>>I think QK may have 'revised' their download link, because it downloaded MUCH faster (25 minutes) at the store today. Love, love, LOVE it!

A reminder that this software is FREE to current Silhouette users. And, it works. I am witness to that as I was obsessed last night with welding words over and over and over! I must say though, I've already put my order in for the new Silhouette SD. I'm a technology freak, I admit it.

Are you ready?!?! Here is the link that will rock your world: .

REMINDER>>>>TODAY is the last day to pre-order the Silhoeutte SD at the sale price. They are due to ship mid-February.

P.S. Speaking of QuicKutz, check out their blog. Courtney and I are in a picture with Kris (the guy holding the clipboard). You'll get to see some of the craziness of CHA in a few of their photos!

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