Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! Just wanted to let you know that there are a few new posts on our blog today...make sure you scroll down and read them all.

We've received some exciting new products...Li'l Davis, Cloud 9, Prima Marketing and Heidi Grace's We Are Family collection (not pictured here). In addition, we're offering some exciting new programs, including SDU and Maps 2 Memories. Be sure to check 'em out!

If you haven't noticed...our store is packed full of goodies! We've received so much new stuff over the past few months that we've run out of paper racks and embellishment hooks (AGAIN!). What a good problem! We have ordered more racks and hooks, but in the meantime, check out the new items that are on the counter. These products are just waiting for a home :) Go ahead, look and touch - we won't bite!

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